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e-commerce what will represents you

How much do websites will cost you? And what will you get for this price?

Im starting looking into CHEAP websites lower as £100. as no one wants to pay a lot and looking cheaper cost

As demand is big for web development online you can find a freelancer, who selling his service for low price (and we not exception), but just look at what we actually got for this price.

Freelancer spend like 8-12 hours his work as Drag and Drop ARTIST 😀 . This is like making a collage from the famous painting. Imaging #Monalisa mixed with #wiseToast and #scream and like extra 5 overs. It’s art just, it’s not unique.

I know some of you not be agree with me. But I’m thinking of using someone theme and just drag and drop around it in short timing, does not make greet website.

What we have next – context. for price developer will use %100 your context with no edit on it, so same as you give to developer the same you will see on it, and if you made mistake and did not notice yourself after developer finished work and get the payment. You will need pay him or over developer one more time to fix this mistake.

Looking further. Developer use drag and drop system so what happens then this system getting OOD your website become a mess, or stop working at all. So you again need to pay someone to fix it. And look now what happens to your low-cost website. You pay more as few hundreds just fixing around your website. you lost some customers as they can’t log in to your website till it was a mess and someone fixed it.

Your website cost you extra £100, fixing cost in half-year

extra cost £100 because you again use cheap freelancer service and your 5-10days, till website was fixed, lost customers who potentially could bring you extra £1’000 in your pocket.


who not even unique. its just temple. SO DID THIS WORK FIT FOR PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS? I’m understanding if you need just front end page to promote your business for contacts and explain what your business is actually is. so, in this case, yes it’s ok.

If you have some questions related websites or development drop me a massage or coment

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